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Rabbi Hezekiah Ross
December 18, 2020
Messianic Rabbi at Beit Yeshuat Aish Tamid

There comes a time when a person is faced with the truth! What that person does with said truth, will be completely up to them! The Besorah According to Covid19 is going to be that moment when you are face to face with The Fulness of HaShem! You are going to be stretched, challenged, and even knocked off of your theological high horse at times, THIS I GUARANTEE! What can I say to you, other than, The Spirit of HaShem has spoken and the time is now presently before you! Will you Hear what is being said? Will you Do what is required of you to do? Or, will you continue to live a life that is in complete contradiction to The Almighty One? This Book is not(…)

Ari Boudestein
December 18, 2020

If you are a serious studier of the Torah or Bible, then “The Besorah According to Covid-19” is the book for you! This book is a MUST READ for anyone who wishes to understand the relationship between Jew and Gentile and the future restoration of Eretz Israel. Rabbi Shapira has proven himself to be one of the most progressive leaders of the Messianic Jewish and Gentile communities and this book will certainly clarify many of the challenging questions you might have about the Messianic Movement. If you are Jewish, your legacy will be preserved. If you are a Gentile, you have the opportunity to graft in with the Jewish communities in the fulfillment of the(…)

Rabbi Eric Tokajer
December 18, 2020
Rabbi at Brit Ahm Messianic Synagogue

I just finished reading Rabbi Itzhak Shapira’s latest book “The Besorah According to Covid-19”. For those who have seen the title of the book and expected it to be just another effort at sensationalizing the pandemic, let me assure you that this is not in any way that type of book.

First let me say that if you are familiar with Rabbi Shapira’s previous book “The Return of the Kosher Pig” this book is not that book. This book is written in a way that is much more user friendly. Both for those of a Jewish background but also those from a Christian tradition.

In writing his book Rabbi Shapira uses different forms of Jewish textual interpretation to(…)

Rabbi Dr. Steven A. Bernstein
December 29, 2020
Messianic Rabbi at Aydat HaDerek

According to Judaic thought, there is a theme that runs through the entire Tanakh. The accomplishing of God’s plan occurs through a partnership of Israel and God. This idea is brilliantly summarized in the text Shir HaShirim Rabbah (Midrash Rabbah on the Song of Songs.) To many of you who do not have an extensive Jewish background, this idea may seem strange and foreign. The Besorah, According to Covid 19 is an excellent book that outlines this partnership. Rabbi Shapira goes on that. Not only does Israel partner with God, but the nations partner with God, and Israel must partner with the nations. These partnerships are the process outlined in(…)

Erin Willson
December 29, 2020
Morah Torah

In this season of global unrest and uncertainty in the midst of this pandemic, The Besorah According to COVID-19 really is a bright light of hope shining in the darkness. Rabbi Shapira clearly outlines, through the words of Scripture, the Sages of Israel, etc., how the outcome of this critical time in history is dependent upon and will be drastically impacted by what we do in working together in building the kingdom of G-d NOW. The Besorah According to COVID-19 will not only be life changing on a personal level, but will also be life changing for communities worldwide.

Cathy Little
December 30, 2020
Talmida of Yeshivat Shuvu

A truly incredible message for these times! It is not time to despair, it is time to hope! Look around, redemption draws near! What is redemption, you may ask? Is it a golden ticket to heaven? No! The difference between gula “exile” and geula “redemption” is but one letter in Hebrew, the silent letter “Alef”, which represents God Himself, the ultimate Oneness. When we see the providence of God even in the worst of our exile and we understand that he never left us, He is right there with us in our exile, concealed (silent) for a short time. God has a plan. Salvation is already planted in your reality, you just need to reframe your reality to “see” it!(…)

Claudia Roomes
December 30, 2020
Talmida, Kosher Pastor

The Besorah According to Covid-19 is a lifeline for all believers to establish the highway and the city of refuge in the house of Jacob, physically and spiritually. The Practical and essential tools that are in this book are Supernatural and explained in a prophetic way, it could only be inspired by G-d to guide us during these last days. Reading this powerful and dynamic book, you will find a wealth of information and get a definite understanding of the steps to take to hasten the final redemption or in Hebrew “Geulah”. I 100% encourage anyone that is eager and that has a strong desire to hasten the final redemption to get this book Today!!

David Iyore
January 4, 2021
Ph. D.

A resounding message for all: Do teshuvah! The kingdom of G-d is in your midst! Rabbi Shapira delivers a timely message for the religious and non-religious, for the Jew and non-Jew. It is a message that is relevant for all humanity: Our actions have an impact on the world and it’s trajectory; the way we treat each other is the ultimate yardstick. There are those who make things happen, there are those who watch things happen and there are those who wonder “What happened?” Which will you be? This book will speak to your heart and mind as a compass in these days known as Acharit Hayamim.

Pastor Emanuel Mirenda
January 8, 2021
Pastor at Vivi Re Gesù

As soon as I read the book’s title “The Besorah according to Covid-19”, I wanted the Italian translation and I worked personally so that it can become a reality in Italy. It’s a great job and Italy must know it. Why do I support this thing? I have received many revelations from the Spirit of HaShem for years, and now, they are written under my eyes, they are written and perfectly explained by a brilliant mind as that of Rabbi Shapira. The same Spirit who spoke to me now leads me to fulfill, through this wonderful book, every messianic prophecy concerning the return of the Messiah. The book combines perfectly the Bible and rabbinic writings. In this(…)

Tamar Hartmann
January 14, 2021
Talmida, Yeshivat Shuvu

Two decades ago, I cried out to G-D, asking Him to remove my eye-glasses and to give me His glasses. Little did I know that it was the beginning of my journey to the city of refuge in Israel, as Rabbi Itzhak Shapira explains in his new book.

A couple of years later, as I was reading my Bible, I heard: “Get ready: I’m going to whistle you.” I answered: “Show me how; I want to follow you.”
This new book is one of the tools G-D has placed into my hands to prepare my journey: it connects so many dots which He previously had shown me. And the final picture is getting clearer… it is a partnership: G-D, Israel and the nations. And we need to do our(…)

Teresa France
February 11, 2021
Student of Hebrew Scripture

As a woman living in the middle of the Bible belt of Oklahoma, this is the type of teaching that shakes, breaks chains and tears down the walls of replacement theology with the Truth of Scripture. The so called Christian theological mind, can’t help but be peeled back. The Besorah According to Covid 19 is a treasure of hebraic wisdom and knowledge. This book reveals order and promises throughout the Scriptures of our Jewish Mashiach who in our Western culture has been stripped of His “Priestly Wardrobe.” The majority of Christianity, has clothed our King Yeshua in the “red” garments of Esau. Yes, that is Christianity as a whole. Yeshua has been hidden(…)

May 25, 2021
Bring on the fullness

If there is a book to challenge us in this day, this is it. If you are a Christian thinking about getting this book, know that you will read some sentences that may unsettle you at first—but don’t stop reading. I will read this book several times in order to get my head around some of these thoughts.

Our Lord is using the physical COVID pandemic to reveal the spiritual COVID pandemic to the world, in His great love & kindness. Now is the time to repent of sin toward one another & seek restoration within our homes. Now is the time to step up for our brother Benjamin. Now is the time to humbly seek the Jewish people to ask for help in learning more(…)

Carla Coetzee
May 25, 2021
Messianic Believer

Another Spirit-breathed revelation from one of the most trustworthy voices in Messianic Judaism today. Rabbi Shapira shares a roadmap for the remnant from the nations to unite with Messianic Jews to co-labor towards the final redemption. His vision is clearly explained and inspirational, making me excited to be a doer of the Word and not only a hearer. May everyone who reads this good news recognizes the compassion and love that the Holy One of Israel has to warn and prepare us ahead of time and may Yeshua’s Jewish identity be restored in the hearts and minds of his people. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, get the book and share it with everyone you hold dear.

Rabbi Yaakov Zamstein
May 26, 2021

“I have known Rabbi Shapira for many years and have come to respect him as a wonderful man who loves G-D, loves people, and love truth and knowledge. His Insigit of G-D’s word, of Jewish texts about Mashiach, and Jewish thoughts and tradition has truly impressed me. This year we all have experienced the storm clouds of Covid-19 , the book that Rabbi Shapira has written , “The Besorah According to Covid-19”, is not only enlightening, but reveals the hope we all have in the soon return of Mashiach. Not only revealed in the Brit HaChadasha, but also in the writings of the ancient sages, regarding who and what Mashiach will be and do in order to rectify(…)

Dr. Victoria Sarvadi
June 10, 2021

Rabbi Shapira did an excellent job connecting Jewish understanding of prophetic times to current events. Christians would do good to glean from the ancient wisdom of our mother faith, Judaism. Yeshua’s said that all things that were written about in Him in the Books of Moses, the prophets and in the Psalms must come to pass (See Luke 24:44). As we relish in the prophecies that have been fulfilled we also look forward to the many more that will be fulfilled in His second coming as King and Judge. The rabbi encapsulates much of these expectations in his latest book, The Besorah According to Covid 19.

Eric Gutierrez
August 9, 2021

Rabbi Shapira brought such great details of last days. Besorah According to Covid is a must-read book, especially to learn to return of Yeshua Messiah. I bought this book recently and have been blown by the message of Besorah. It is a powerful meaningful book to establish closer relations on the body of the Messiah. If you had not read this book, I will recommend it sooner than later.

Rabbi Gil Alchadeff
November 4, 2020

“I am honored to acknowledge, recognize, and to endorse the monumental task and effort of my good friend, a colleague, and a scholar of the holy scriptures Rabbi Itzhak Shapira who wrote the book: The Besorah According to Covid-19. This phenomenal book is a thorough study, based on Jewish traditional sources and other studies, and inspired by the worldwide phenomenon we are all witnessing nowadays called COVID-19.”

Steve Wearp
September 22, 2021
Founder - Blessed Buy Israel

Once again, Rabbi Shapira has rocked my world, awakening and inspiring me to push forward and up! Like peeling an onion, he methodically peals back the veil that has shrouded the eyes of Christendom for almost 2,000 years, revealing the path of redemption for the Nations and all of Israel. For the new believer and the Bible Scholar, this book will challenge and lift you to new heights of understanding as God calls us to be a part of His plan of redemption for Israel and the whole world. I would encourage everyone to read this book and share it with your family, friends and congregation – the Geulah is upon us and each of us needs to take our place in the Kingdom.

Pastor Mark Biltz
November 4, 2020

The Besorah According to COVID-19 is a revolutionary book that rattles the cage of Western theological thought, as it reveals patterns throughout the Scriptures presenting a Jewish Messiah that has been clothed in the garments of Esau or Christianity for so long that the Messiah has been unrecognizable to the world… Rabbi Shapira takes both Jew and Gentile on an incredible journey that will help replace the garments of the Messiah so a true recognition may take place.

Eldad Keynan
November 4, 2020

I share the opinion that there is no way to understand Yeshua unless we accept that Yeshua and his teaching are deeply rooted in the Jewish culture and ways of his time. As the concepts and understanding of so many rabbis along Jewish history are cited here, and all support (willingly or unwillingly) the same messianic-Jewish ideas, I believe that this book will end this debate at least. I am amazed, surprised and gladly recommending that EVERYONE get this book!

Izzy Avraham
December 8, 2021
Holy Language Institute

At a time when the media is bent on spreading fear and tension “The Besorah According to COVID-19” is a beacon of hope and light. Rabbi Shapira’s prophetic insights from ancient Rabbinic sources and the Hebrew language can help give the body of Messiah the strategic vision and faith she needs to navigate this challenging but exciting moment in the overarching plan of God. Turn off the TV, read this book from cover to cover, and then give it to a friend!

Lynette D.
November 17, 2020
Messianic Jew

I have been reading books about tribulation since 1968. I watched on TV the miracles of the Temple Mount and the Yom Kippur War. I always had questions about the commentaries. This book fills in the blanks about what we need to do. The anti-Semitic curtain comes down. True story revealed. You will be left with a decision to make. Yeshua the Maschiach our King, Redeemer, Bridegroom and Man of War moves the Jews, the nations and the Chosen into Jerusalem, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and final peace on earth.

Douglas A. Wheeler, Ph.D., Th.D.
November 18, 2020
President of Kidron Christian College and Seminary

This book should be read, reread, and studied. What is contained within has the potential to change lives. From the discussion of the Ladder to the Spirit of Edom, page after page of The Besorah According to Covid -19 hits you with a new wave of revelation that waters the spirit and makes deep understanding possible. Sometimes that wave is gentle, soft, and picturesque; while at other times it hits you like a tsunami causing the destruction of old nonbiblical ideas, forcing you to rebuild upon the solid ground of the Torah. This book will inspire you, stir you, challenge you, change you. It may even make you angry for a moment or two. Even those places(…)

Yoshia Avihud
November 18, 2020
The Besorah According to Covid-19

Few books have I read that have taken the words right out of my mouth while reading it. No book have I ever read that explains our current status and our responsibility as believers in the God of Israel in the year 2020.

I encourage everyone who considers themselves children of Abraham to purchase and study this book. Don’t just read it but study it.

Bea Baldridge
November 23, 2020

My husband, Ollie, and I got the book yesterday. I’ve watched a lot of Rabbi Shapira’s videos and sometimes find them hard to understand in places as far as knowledge, not linguistically. I got to page 63 last night and was astounded at how plain it is and how easy to understand, but a true revelation of knowledge of the Torah. We watched all four vidoes tonight and also were astounded!!! We got to #4 and by the end we could barely move. I can’t wait to read the rest of the book and then watch the videos again. Thank you for hearing the voice of HaShem and obeying.

EliTzur CabezaPerez
November 25, 2020

“Aharon was unable to be inaugurated as High Priest until the wilderness Mishkan/Tabernacle was established (Leviticus 8:1-36)…If Aharon could not be inaugurated and begin his service until the Mishkan was constructed, how much more is Yeshua delayed from inauguration and service as High Priest of Israel until we construct the proper Mishkan? Hence the inauguration of Yeshua is dependent upon us.”– Rav Itzhak Shapira.

The previous quote from the book listed below is a revolutionary approach on how to deal with the challenges that face us in these crucial times. This concept is exactly why Yeshua says “You will not see Me until you say, ‘BLESSED IS(…)

Bob Calco
November 25, 2020
Talmid, Yeshivat Shuvu

Initially I cringed at the title. Like “Return of the Kosher Pig,” this book’s title–“The Besorah According to COVID-19”–feels at face value sensationalistic in some shock-value marketing sense. But as with “Kosher Pig,” by the end of “Besorah According to COVID-19” you can’t imagine a better title. It just fits. And as with new shoes, it takes some wearing-in. This is not a one-and-done, disposable reading experience.

To me, COVID-19 represents not a plague in any world-catastrophic sense, but a deep global deception. Which is, when you think about it, a plague in a world-catastrophic sense. So whatever one thinks of COVID-19 or the political(…)

Giborah McDonald
November 25, 2020

I have not finished the book as yet but as far as I have read it is an amazing thought provoking book and in the way Rabbi Shapira has put it together. Only the Ruach could help a person put in writing what is being said in this book. Humanly not possible. A person who has no understanding of Hebrew can read it and understand. If you have no understanding of Jewish thought and you are a Christian it is very important that you read slowly page by page after praying and asking for help in understanding. You will be blessed and as we say in the UK you will be blown away. More than a 5star read as it teaches you what needs to be done in these days. For(…)

David Samson
November 30, 2020
Talmid, Yeshivat Shuvu

This book will change your life. A must read for everyone who believes in the King of Kings and  his kingdom.  Rabbi Shapira gives a comprehensive study of of the good news of Messiah from a completely Jewish perspective.  And that’s just the start of it. Throughout the book he details the relationship between you, the Messiah, the Torah and the good news of the kingdom as understood through our Jewish sages. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your bricks cleaned and properly placed in the mishkan HaShem is constructing in these last days. Learn more about your role in dressing Yeshua in his proper priestly garments.  And grow to understand the ladder(…)

David Campbell
November 30, 2020
Talmid, Yeshivat Shuvu

Are you a “Called Out One”? This book is an amazing and profound gift from G-d presented to us thru Rabbi Shapira. I refuse to use the cliché “Life Changing” as it would be an injustice to this spiritual journey that will lead the reader in Truth and Love as we face these challenging times. This work is worth much more than the price tag. It is truly a spiritual investment in your life and your walk with the Lord. Read it, Study it, Share it. You will not regret it!

Sharon Hogeda
November 30, 2020

The story of redemption…
,,,treasures concealed in the dark
It is our responsibility to reconcile…

“What is the greatest buried treasure that will be presented to the Jewish people in the last day?” So that you may know that it is I THE LORD THE G-D OF ISRAEL… I call you by name though you have not known Me.

Read Rabbi Dr. Itzhak Shapira’s The Besorah According to Covid-19. Place yourself in redemption’s story. Place yourself amongst buried treasure. Place yourself in the responsibility of actie reconciliation, in the business of the Torah, discovering the hidden Messiah.

Lance Hamel
December 4, 2020

The Besorah According to Covid-19 is hands down the best book I’ve ever read concerning end-time prophecy. It is filled with clear and concise commentary and explanation that gives practical guidelines on the role of the body of Messiah. The insights and revelations contained within its pages are fascinating regarding passages from the Tanach (Old Testament) and its connection to the Apostolic Writings. Scriptures that you would normally just read over come to life with great meaning and significance. I would strongly urge anyone who desires to deepen their understanding of the responsibility of the Nations and Israel to bring about the redemption to get this book in their hands immediately!

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