Teresa France

Student of Hebrew Scripture

As a woman living in the middle of the Bible belt of Oklahoma, this is the type of teaching that shakes, breaks chains and tears down the walls of replacement theology with the Truth of Scripture. The so called Christian theological mind, can’t help but be peeled back. The Besorah According to Covid 19 is a treasure of hebraic wisdom and knowledge. This book reveals order and promises throughout the Scriptures of our Jewish Mashiach who in our Western culture has been stripped of His “Priestly Wardrobe.” The majority of Christianity, has clothed our King Yeshua in the “red” garments of Esau. Yes, that is Christianity as a whole. Yeshua has been hidden and re-clothed in replacement theology, unable to be recognized by Israel. Truly, we have defected our minds with this grave mistake. Rabbi Shapira boldly walks into the western gentile understanding and brings the help to re-shape right thinking to both the Jewish nation understanding of Messiah Yeshua and the Gentile believers on the Jewishness of Yeshua and how we are to become a highway of Loving-Kindness through our faith in Yeshua to our Jewish brothers. We have to “put on the appropriate attire for the wedding feast” and keep the oil in our lamps burning, being prepared for the feasts and step toward Israel for true relationship. This book is an incredible journey through scripture seen with a Hebraic mindset. Rabbi Shapira reminds us to grab hold of Israel’s tzitzit, to cleanse our minds so that we know what to do to re-dress our Messiah in HIS correct garments so that ALL will see who the Messiah truly is! Read this BOOK!

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