Pastor Emanuel Mirenda

Pastor at Vivi Re Gesù

As soon as I read the book’s title “The Besorah according to Covid-19”, I wanted the Italian translation and I worked personally so that it can become a reality in Italy. It’s a great job and Italy must know it. Why do I support this thing? I have received many revelations from the Spirit of HaShem for years, and now, they are written under my eyes, they are written and perfectly explained by a brilliant mind as that of Rabbi Shapira. The same Spirit who spoke to me now leads me to fulfill, through this wonderful book, every messianic prophecy concerning the return of the Messiah. The book combines perfectly the Bible and rabbinic writings. In this book, you can see the coordinates to exit from Edom and to go to Jerusalem. This book is a map for entering Israel. It is the map that every soul that awaits the Messiah of Israel must-have. It is a book that every Christian should know in order not to get lost in the journey of faith. Blessed be ADONAI who gave us the map.

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