Ari Boudestein


If you are a serious studier of the Torah or Bible, then “The Besorah According to Covid-19” is the book for you! This book is a MUST READ for anyone who wishes to understand the relationship between Jew and Gentile and the future restoration of Eretz Israel. Rabbi Shapira has proven himself to be one of the most progressive leaders of the Messianic Jewish and Gentile communities and this book will certainly clarify many of the challenging questions you might have about the Messianic Movement. If you are Jewish, your legacy will be preserved. If you are a Gentile, you have the opportunity to graft in with the Jewish communities in the fulfillment of the restoration of Israel. Both the Israeli Jews and the Gentile nations MUST work in tandem in order to fulfill all the redemptive prophecies given to the House of Israel and “The Besorah According to Covid-19” will give you a clear path to that victory. I would also strongly urge anyone to read this book as soon as they can!!

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