Rabbi Yaakov Zamstein


“I have known Rabbi Shapira for many years and have come to respect him as a wonderful man who loves G-D, loves people, and love truth and knowledge. His Insigit of G-D’s word, of Jewish texts about Mashiach, and Jewish thoughts and tradition has truly impressed me. This year we all have experienced the storm clouds of Covid-19 , the book that Rabbi Shapira has written , “The Besorah According to Covid-19″, is not only enlightening, but reveals the hope we all have in the soon return of Mashiach. Not only revealed in the Brit HaChadasha, but also in the writings of the ancient sages, regarding who and what Mashiach will be and do in order to rectify the world when he comes. I highly recommend Rabbi Shapira’s work and revelation about the soon coming king. G-D is warning his own people and nations to return, make Teshuvah, to him, while there is still time to do so.”

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